Past Contributors

Significant Past Contributors to the MyCareerTransitions Board:


We gratefully acknowledge and thank these key people and groups that helped make the group what it is today.


  • Lisa Probst - former Director of Event Operations
  • Andrea Laine - former Programming and New Member Orientation
  • Craig McLaughlin - former New Member Orientation
  • Sheila Crowe - former VP of Programms 2010 - 2011
  • Company of Friends Philadelphia, Fast Company - Valeria Maltoni who sponsored Bart's original group
  • ASTD Philadelphia, former sponsor 2005-10
  • Villanova University and Brenda Grove, former venue sponsor 2009-10
  • Todd Cohen - former VP of Programs 2009-10, Cindy Murrray - organizer of our Orientation program 2009-10
  • Theresa Hummel-Krallinger: Former Co-Leader of Career Transitions 2005-07 and founder of one of the predecessor groups (ASTD's SIG 2002)
  • Lisa Anderson and Dawn Caruano: Former Co-Facilitators and ASTD SIG Leader/Liaison