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Article about Census Job Opportunities

This is an article about short term, Census job opportunities.


November 2009

The Philadelphia Job Hunters Education & Networking Event

Tuesday, November 10, 2009  8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 11th and Arch Streets, Phila., PA

Cost is FREE but seating is limited. 


September 2009

Wayne Presbyterian Church Career Networking Group joins MyCareerTransitions network. This group offers members that are currently in job transition an opportunity to network and get support on a WEEKLY basis - a frequency that MyCareerTranstions does not offer. The group is sponsored by the church but is open to all.

June 2009

SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE - Various levels of sponsorship are available and help support our efforts to provide these services without any fees so our members don't have to worry about costs of attending if they are out of work. Cof and ASTD are the 2 current sponsoring organizations. The venue sponsor provides the meeting space. NEW - You may also sponsor an event or web page to promote your business, in honor of someone, or to just give back. Opportunities start at $100. Any funds raised from sponsorships will go directly toward out of pocket costs we incur such as web site hosting fees and other miscellaneous operating costs.

 NEW WEBSITE  - We hope you like the changes. Special thanks to Samir Joshi, Colleen Horan and Annamarie Walter. Also thanks to the creators and managers of the previous site, Jerome Greene and Golda Lawson Cohen for their contribution to the cause over the last few years.

May 2009 

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